Thursday, November 11, 2010

Addons: CompanionClone

Addons: CompanionClone
Current Wowcraft build: 4.0.1

Are you in a raid and see someone has their Spring Rabbit out, and you want yours out too? Don't poke through ten pages of un-searchable non-combat pet icons; CompanionClone it!

Are you in an RDF and someone has their Stinker out? Don't waste valuable time searching for one of your Black Cats; CompanionClone will choose the purr-fect playmate!

See someone boasting that they have a SuperRarePet? Take their epeen down a notch by instantly pulling yours out for comparison. Your pet, I mean. CompanionClone works as fast as you can target a non-combat pet and click a macro or an LDB icon.

COMPANIONCLONE (Curse), now available at Curse-dot-com, for all your noncombat-pet-cloning needs!

CompanionClone has recently been upgraded to include MountClone support, and comes with a free LDB plugin to fit snugly into your ChocolateBar. Don't delay! Download today!

Warning: CompanionClone is only able to clone companions and mounts already owned by the cloner any attempt to clone an un-owned companion or mount will result in an unobtrusive error message only for use by licensed individuals do not attempt without the appropriate training the maker of CompanionClone LuaCayenne is not responsible for any cloned mount which lasts longer than four hours use as directed.


  1. really looking forward to some updated add-on posts! I know it's hard to post when the game is new and shiny. BUT! I bet in just 30 minutes, you could have a rockin awesome useful post! *sends cookies*

  2. Blarg. I keep thinking I have Blogger set up to email me when there's a comment! And it doesn't! But anyway.

    It is totally my NYResolution to make at least one post here every week! Altho even simple posts can take up to 45 minutes, about evenly split between picture editing and post writing/link acquisition+formatting.

    One post per week! Yeah! I can do it! ... Mostly I just need to log my butt out of Wow >_> X D!